Circus of Horrors - Review

March 02, 2017 | Hippodrome Circus, Great Yarmouth

The CIRCUS OF HORRORS arrived in Great Yarmouth on Thursday 2nd March for two spectacular shows of gothic theatrical acts and live music.

In a twisted tale told through song and unusual circus acts, the cast of colourful over-the-top characters led the audience into the mystical world of a never-ending nightmare. Led by the undead ringmaster and show’s creator, Doktor Haze, the cast provided a plethora of wild and imaginative performances. With a large dose of blood and gore, fantasy and danger, the show had a shock value that was not for the faint hearted.

There was never a dull moment: Doktor Haze held the show together with his original rock anthems, supported by very strong vocals from gothic vamp Maria Morose. Interspersed with darkly fantastic humour and raw sexiness, the show embraced a level of naughtiness very much designed for an adult audience, with female performers teasing the audience in flamboyant burlesque-style costume, leaving little to the imagination.

The show was introduced by the appropriately-named Camp Dracula, who played tantalisingly with the audience, warming them up for things to come with his very own brand of twisted humour. Camp Dracula went on to provide seamless links between acts until he was “accidently” trapped in a giant washing machine where he was shrunk, re-emerging as a naughty dwarf (played by Captain Dan) who demonstrated his unique talent of combining a vacuum cleaner with his nether regions! Throughout the show, he continued to surprise the crowd with his naughty and cheeky antics, further involving a certain amount of exposing himself to the unsuspecting audience.

All this went to support the evolving story of the never-ending nightmare, in between a breath-taking array of daredevil and awe-inspiring stunts, alongside strangely disturbing displays of creepiness.

Throughout the night, the talented cast showcased their stunning and often dangerous circus skills. There were displays of unbelievable flexibility and elegance from exotic contortionists and acrobats. With the danger level increasing as the show progressed, the Yarmouth audience watched with their hearts in their mouths as performers flirted with fire, sword-swallowing and high-flying acrobatics. The dramatic, wild look and powerful stage presence of the performers added the wow factor to the death defying stunts. They never failed to impress with their strength and skill, making even the most complex stunts look effortless.

Newly introduced to the show for this tour was the addition of Rellik, the clown from everyone’s nightmares, who came to life, emerging from the audience after the interval to steal the show. Playing on the fears of the shows characters, his presence in the circus ring resulted in Maria Morose being sawn in half, the Enchantress having her throat slit, and even Doktor Haze couldn’t escape the clown’s wrath, ultimately leading to a grisly conclusion of the never-ending nightmare.

The show is outrageously entertaining from start to finish, filled with fast-paced erotic and breathtaking performances. Indeed, the Hippodrome lent itself perfectly to the gothic atmosphere created by the circus. Although some acts stood out – the astounding sword swallower Hannibal Hellmurto, and Anastasia IV, an aerial acrobat who swings only by her hair, to mention just two – the entire show was a whirlwind of incredible skill and gothic horror wrapped up in darkly twisted humour. This is a show not to be missed. You have never seen anything like it!

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