Richard Herring: The Best - Review

May 04, 2017 | Norwich Playhouse, Norwich

Comedy writer, prolific podcaster, blogger and stand up comedian RICHARD HERRING came to Norwich Playhouse this week as part of his ‘THE BEST’ tour. With 30 years experience in comedy, Richard has performed in many venues, including 11 consecutive years at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Like a Greatest Hits compilation album, his new show incorporates selected highlights from his career so far.

Ambling onto the stage, almost falling over his own feet, Richard appeared completely relaxed and confident. Picking on the front row with great delight and enthusiasm almost immediately, he began his compilation of ‘best bits’.

Throughout the ninety minute show, Richard alternately entertained and shocked the audience, pushing the boundaries of decency and shattering commonly accepted ideologies. He reduced the audience to tears of laughter as he destroyed taboos such as paedophilia, racism and homosexuality.

Switching to more light and fluffy topics – including French to English translation, building Ferrero Roche pyramids and dispelling the myth that is the ‘bookazine’ – he effortlessly took the audience on a rollercoaster ride of comedy.  A latecomer to the adult world of marriage and commitment, Richard also reflected on his own experiences of love and romance, and becoming a father.

Those who are familiar with Herring’s work might have noticed the slightly disjointed switching between his many shows, as the man himself commented, but this in no way detracted from the comedy value of each selection.

It’s easy to see why Richard Herring has such a loyal following. His comedy is risqué, yet brilliant. He continuously interacts with the audience with sarcasm and fun. He has a razor-sharp intelligence, blended with a child-like mischievousness, creating an air of comic unpredictability.

Richard Herring: The Best is a great introduction for those who haven’t experienced Richard’s particular brand of comedy, while being a trip down memory lane for those who have.  Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended!

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