Woodland Zombie Run - Preview

September 10, 2017 | Ringland Woods, Norwich

Top Dog Paintball is going to be hosting their first Woodland Zombie Run at Ringland Woods in Norwich. The 5km course winds its way through 50 acres of woodland paths, which include obstacles, mazes, and traps. As if that wasn’t enough there’ll be hoards of infected flesh eating zombies trying to infect the runners!

Runners will have to dodge their way round the course, ducking and diving to escape the zombies’ grasp. The zombies will be frightening the life out of the runners, shuffling, groaning, swaying their way towards them, trying to grab one of their three “life” tags.

At the beginning of the course, each runner will be issued a velcro tag belt containing three tags, which are the runners “lives”.  If they manage to reach the end with any of the tags remaining, they will be awarded with the “I Survived” medal. However, if a runner loses all the tags, then they have been infected and will be awarded the “I Was Infected” medal.  Infected runners can still complete the course; the virus takes several hours to take hold, so they still have time to reach the decontamination area at the finish line!

The zombies cannot run after the runners, and they will not block their path. However, there will be parts of the course which may appear safe – but all of a sudden runners will be confronted by a blood thirsty zombie!

Places are available as runners or zombies and there’ll be prizes for the best zombies that take part. Participants must be 11 years and above. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. The venue will have onsite caterers and plenty of refreshments throughout the day and also other attractions. Spectators are also welcome.

For more information, check out the Woodland Zombie Run Facebook page.

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