Batman – The Dark Knight: Master Race - Preview

September 19, 2017 | DC Comics

Legendary creator Frank Miller returns to DC with one of the most highly anticipated sequels of all time: Batman – The Dark Knight: Master Race! The genius force behind Batman: Year One comes back to the world of the genre‐defining The Dark Knight Returns, with collaborators Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets), Andy Kubert (Batman and Son) and Klaus Janson (Batman: Death and the Maidens).

In 1986, Frank Miller introduced his iconic take on Batman and changed the face of graphic fiction forever. Now, three decades after Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Miller himself has returned with a third chapter to his groundbreaking saga. Batman: The Dark Knight: Master Race continues Miller’s landmark series with an epic chapter featuring the work of some of the greatest talents in the industry today.

An aged Bruce Wayne resumes his identity as the bat vigilante along with sidekick Carrie Kelley‐‐but this time, it’s more than just Gotham City that’s threatened. An army of Kryptonian super‐men have invaded the Earth, vowing to take over the planet in the place of their vaporized homeworld.

The Dark Knight, however, has an army of his own. Batman sets out to assemble his former allies against the invaders, including Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Hal Jordan and the Atom. Will the combined might of an aged Justice League be able to fend off an unstoppable Kryptonian juggernaut?

Frank Miller’s return to the Dark Knight universe is not only an all‐star collaboration, but also the rare comic book event that lives up to its own hype.”
‐Washington Post

“Penciller Andy Kubert and inker Klaus Janson remain as on‐point as ever.”
‐New York Daily News

“It’s hard to resist a comic that features the talents of Frank Miller, Klaus Janson, Brian Azzarello, and Andy Kubert. Alone, any one of these guys could sell a comic. With their powers combined? It’s insane.”

[amazon_link asins=’1401265138′ template=’ProductAd-ExcitingStuff’ store=’editonli-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’f60d282b-84af-11e7-9701-7558b925f9ce’] Batman – The Dark Knight: Master Race will be available on September 19th 2017 from and other leading retailers and comic shops.

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