Frankie Boyle and Francesca Martinez: Stand Up for Lincoln’s Legs - Preview

September 09, 2017 | St David's Hall, Cardiff

Frankie Boyle and Francesca Martinez, will be performing a daring double-bill of comedy in aid of local cause Lincoln’s Legs on September 9th. All proceeds help towards a life-changing £100,000 operation in America for a five-year-old Welsh boy named Lincoln, who has cerebral palsy.

The idea for a fundraising gig came about when Lincoln’s mother Jess Hope made a speculative approach online to the two comics. Jess said: “Francesca Martinez is a comedian with cerebral palsy, so I looked her up on Twitter to see if she would retweet our fundraising campaign and I then asked if she would do a comedy night. “She replied saying she knew a few comedians and I saw that she was friends with Frankie Boyle on Facebook, so I messaged him on there.”

To her astonishment, the Glasgow funnyman said yes straight away, provided Jess found a suitable venue. “I thought I would just be a bit cheeky and ask”, she said. “I was thinking about fundraising ideas and thought it would be great to get support from a famous person. This was all new to me, so I rang up St David’s Hall and said I had a couple of top comedians wanting to do a charity gig and they provided me with some possible dates.”

Jess and her civil servant husband Richard – both 39 from Garndiffaith in Torfaen – have been so touched by the comedians’ goodwill, and although some may find Frankie’s near-the-knuckle jokes offensive, she said she’s so grateful to him. “The fact that they’re giving their time to help us is just unbelievable. I know Frankie can be a bit controversial, but he’s coming down to help us when he doesn’t even know us. It’s amazing!”

So far, the event has taken nearly £40,000 at the Box Office. Lincoln’s mother Jess Hope said: “We have been blown away by the amount of people that have bought tickets for the show, and when I first contacted Frankie and Francesca on social media I had no idea of the kind of money that could be raised. “The ticket sales have so far helped us get over halfway to our £100,000 fundraising total. We will never be able to thank Frankie and Francesca enough for giving their time to help us.”

For the one-off show, Frankie has agreed to perform his new hour-long show Prometheus: Volume I before it has toured. Frankie and Francesca will be joined by fellow comic, Tiernan Douieb as host for the evening.

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