Labyrinth Challenge - Review

September 09, 2017 | Great Yarmouth Racecourse, Great Yarmouth

Labyrinth Challenge

On an overcast but mild weekend, The Labyrinth Challenge – the world’s longest continuous, inflatable obstacle course – arrived at Great Yarmouth last week as part of its UK tour. With the five themed zones – Lava Zone, Jungle Zone, Toxic Zone, Combat Zone and Ocean Zone – the 1000ft course is full of fun and packed with variety. Participants can complete the course in the fastest time possible, or just take it at their own pace, so people of all abilities can join in.

Set up around the edge of large field in the Racecourse, with a large variety of additional inflatable games and challenges arranged in the middle. The Great Yarmouth event drew large crowds of people, mainly families, with a few groups of teenagers and young adults. Although the main challenge was advertised as only suitable for ages 12 and over, younger children were also allowed participate, as long as they were accompanied by a responsible adult.

Starting with a daunting 20 foot drop onto crash mats below, the Labyrinth Challenge itself offered more than 30 fun, interactive and often difficult obstacles, including jump-offs, hurdles, biff ‘n’ bash sections, balance beams and giant balls, for participants to negotiate and overcome. It was definitely a challenge!

However, despite the difficulty the Saturday participants had great sense of togetherness. Cries of support rang out all way round, as they stopped midway to offer others advice on how to get past the obstacle, and sometimes to give a literal helping hand. For those who really struggled, the officials at various stages of the course also assisted if required; these guys were great, supporting and encouraging people with a smile and a joke.

By the time they reached the giant inflatable ship with its massive slide at the end the course, most people felt exhilarated, but with a huge sense of achievement.

For those who felt the 1000ft obstacle course was a bit too much, there were plenty of other exciting challenges to try. Although aimed at young children, the mini labyrinth challenge was also very popular with older children and adults. With its four themed zones spread over 200 feet, it was surprisingly challenging, and served as a reasonably tough warm up for the real thing.

Additional inflatable fun at the Great Yarmouth event included leaping across giant footballs, a climbing wall, bungee running, basket ball, air tennis, goal keeping, volleyball and inflatable laser tag, as well as an area packed with bouncy fun for the under 5s. All these attractions meant there was plenty to keep everyone amused and entertained for a good two or three hours.

The event was well organised with staggered start times for the big challenge which made sure no-one had to queue for a long period. Overall the labyrinth challenge was great fun, definitely for people accustomed to activity, with fun for the whole family. A great experience!


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