Latitude 2018 – Theatre - Preview

July 12, 2018 - July 15, 2018 | Henham Park, Suffolk

Recently awarded Best Major Festival by UK Festival Awards, Latitude Festival returns for its 13th edition, with an all-new look for 2018. Taking place as always at Henham Park in Suffolk, the festival will feature a refreshed programme and emboldened vision, retaining everything you loved about the festival, but also moving in an exciting new direction that looks to the future. The theatre line-up has been announced, and it’s an astonishing collection of shows covering all aspects of the theatrical arts.

Bryony Kimmings’ returns with her first solo show in nearly a decade, I’m A Phoenix, Bitch. A mythical legend performed straight from a heart still pulsing with pain. Combining personal stories with epic film, soundscapes and ethereal music – huge feats of physical strength will collide with the rumbling doom of toxic doubt.

Step into a 40ft container in the Faraway Forest, and the world falls away in David Rosenberg and Glenn Neath‘s Flight, an immersive, surreal theatre show that flips reality on its head.

You’ll discover time travel is real in Dom Coyote’s We Can Time Travel: Dom has been receiving messages from a Victorian Time Traveler, watching the sun die, at the edge of time. Join him for an experiment in Harmonic Time Theory, to prove once and for all, that Time Travel is not only possible, it’s already happened.

Middle Child – the company behind last year’s standout show All We Ever Wanted Was Everything – return for One Life Stand. When we can have sex whenever, however and with whomever we want, why settle for a regular relationship? With the promise of fresh excitement just a swipe away, is Kat’s long-term relationship really her lifelong dream? One Life Stand is a late-night search for intimacy across a hyperconnected and hypersexualised city, exposing the loneliness found inside modern relationships where the expectations of lust and the limits of love are ever changing.


Across the festival, the Latitude bill showcases theatre in its most exciting guises with an unrivalled range of major shows, ground-breaking pieces and the first glance at works in progress.  Pecho Mama will perform half play, half live concept album Medea ElectronicaOvalhouse present Madi Maxwell-Libby’s debut show Massive Sense of UrgencyBristol Ferment presents Hollering Woman CreekRachael Young embraces the cult of Grace Jones in NightclubbingLeeds Beckettpresent a multidisciplinary performance of Manifesto Move! and The Stephen Joseph Theatre present Build A Rocket by Chris York.


Attendees may even leave the festival a bit more zen with Latitude’s Wellness programme. The glittering, sparkling and glamorous Disco Yoga returns to Latitude in 2018 – Namastayin’ Alive, anyone? Nikki Slade, the UK’s No.1 western style Kirtan (chanting) practitioner will lead an open session on the Waterfront, sure to open your heart. And if that’s not inspiring enough Reggie Roberts, a 10-year-old performance maker from Colchester, brings his one to one 5-minute hug performance to Latitude.

Lil.Miss.Lady is HighRise’s fresh concept-rave exploring the history of Grime music, through the eyes of a vigorous female MC. Inspired by a series of interviews with influential players in the Grime scene including MC’s, DJ’s, promoters and journalists Lil.Miss.Lady celebrates Grime, its women and holds a bass-fuelled microscope over the biggest sub-culture since Punk Rock in the 80s.

In London, in the year 2138, only very busy people survive, in How To Fail At Being Perfect. These people don’t have time to raise their own children. But every now and then, they feel they need a child. Where do the people of London go when the need for a child arises? They go to Neverland Enterprise! C.E.O. Peter Pan and his fierce assistant Tinkerbell train the perfect lease children for every occasion… A wise and witty musical look at adulthood and parenting through the eyes of forever children, it asks should we all aim for perfection or would we be happier just saying you’.                              

Witness the epic musical odyssey The Lost Disc, a riotous search for the holy grail of recorded music, directed by Tom Parry, written and performed by Will Adamsdale and Ed Gaughan, and starring Victoria Elliott and Andrew Buckely with a full live score from cult favourites The London Snorkelling Team.  A quest for the legendary tape of three of the 20th Century’s finest forgotten musicians, The Lost Disc is.part gig, part play, part comedy show, and an alternative history of popular music.

Balaklava Blues is a new concert/theatre performance about contemporary Ukraine. The piece is created and performed by Mark and Marichka Marczyk, the real-life couple who created the sensational ‘Counting Sheep’ in 2016. Balaklava Blues is the Marczyks’ exploration of the historical and cultural forces that shape today’s Ukraine and have led to the ongoing war in the country’s east. It will be told through folk music in electronic mixes, archival and current video footage, and communist cartoons.

A rhythmic, brass-flavoured snapshot of London’s fading nightclub scene, Last Night is a boundary-pushing spoken word and music experience from the critically acclaimed band Benin City, produced by cross-art form company nabokov. Music from the band’s second album is performed live, alongside poetry and audio interviews from various London dwellers, including DJs, property developers, barmen, and of course, the ravers.

A Belgian popstar moves to London to steal the job of British popstars. Luckily, austerity is here to stop her. Nele Needs A Holiday: The Musical is a tongue-in-cheek Pop Opera about a girl called Nele who turns her life into a big international mess because she wants be famous on the other side of the English Channel. It’s a rags-to-more-rags story showing the magnificent relieve of grandiose failure in love, life, and a so-called career.

Paris De Nuit by Recirquel Contemporary Circus takes its audience into the roaring variety life of the 30s filled with its voluptuous desires and beauty. Revealing illusionary moments from the lives of prostitutes and peddlers, down and outs and illicit lovers who lived on the edges of society, it provides Aan evening of lust, love and loneliness inspired by the characteristic world of the famous Hungarian photographer, Brassaï. Stunning circus artists, dancers and musicians bring the decadent but loveable secret Paris nights of the 1930s to life.

“Remember P.E. kit”, “cancel free trial”, “don’t forget to call mum” – everyone writes instructions to their future selves. But what happens if the future starts writing back? Rosy Carrick is about to find out in Passionate Machine.  Featuring a diverse cast of real-life characters including David Bowie, Vladimir Mayakovsky and Rocky Balboa, and set against the questionable theoretical framework of all your favourite time travel movies, this solo performance blends fact and fiction to create an exhilarating story about letting go, having the courage to take the untrodden path, and finding yourself – literally.

Velvet Petal is the fresh new work from Scottish Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director Fleur Darkin, inspired by the life-cycle of the monarch butterfly and Robert Mapplethorpe’s polaroids.  Set to a fresh dance-punk score arranged by Torben Lars Sylvest including music by LCD Soundsystem, Spoek Mathambo, and Abul Mogard

Using Theatre Ad Infinitum’s signature style of physical theatre, cabaret and verbatim stories, No Kids is a personal exploration and theatrical debate by the company’s co-artistic directors, and real-life couple, Nir Paldi and George Mann, asking: should gay couples go out of their way to reproduce?

Internationally acclaimed artist Charming Baker also joins the bill, in conversation with Sky Arts’ Kate Bryan, judge of Sky Arts’ Portrait Artist of the Year. Charming appears at Latitude following his acclaimed show ‘ALL THIS IS YOURS’ at prestigious London gallery Jealous East, featuring Baker’s beautifully intricate graphite duckling drawings alongside his 30ft upside-down toy aeroplane sculpture.

Meanwhile, The Cabaret Theatre will see shenanigans from Sheeps, Desiree Burch,Emma SidiJake Lambert, Jen Brister, Ed NightJack BarryMaisie Adam, Amy AnnetteJoanne McNally, and Kinetic Comedy.

The music and comedy line-ups for 2018 have also been announced too.  Something for everyone would be an understatement – Latitude 2018 has a mind-blowing line up that you won’t want to miss!

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